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Sector Focus:Medical Consumables & Devices:

As per UNCTAD data, Benin largely depends on imports for Medicinal and Pharmaceutical supplies. Benin imported medicinal products worth 12,027.782 USD for the year ending Dec 2019. The medical import bill of Benin has been growing since 1995. It clearly shows that there are immense domestic opportunities to manufacture pharmaceuticals and medical equipment’s in the country.

There remains a fertile ground for investment in manufacturing medical consumables and devices in Benin. Benin is a member of various regional economic clubs like ECOWAS, WAPMA was and others it can engage in trade relationships with other neighbouring countries. Companies can establish manufacturing plants and export pharmaceuticals to other countries and also cater to the medicine demand in Benin.

AUM Sarl Benin provides consultancy to a wide-range of industries and provide expert services in multiple verticals. We aspire and inspire to guide solutions that facilitate business, trade and investment for our partners.

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