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Sector Focus : Real Estate in Benin & other West African Region

Building construction industry in Benin City is expected to record a CAGR of 2.2% to reach US$ 384.5 million by 2021, while in volume terms, it is expected to record a CAGR of 0.2% during the same period. This suggests that the private real estate companies will have good opportunities to invest in the local market. It opens up doors for builders, property agents, and residential complex builders to buy property, construct and sell them.

As the population is also supposed to double up by 2050, the Beninese economy will need large-scale investment in the real-estate sector. The global investment report also states there is a continuous growth in investment received in Benin. Incoming foreign companies also need real-estate facilities to operate as well as residential complexes to settle in. Thus Benin provides great conditions for investment in the real-estate sector.

Africa is seeing an indispensable surge in the real estate sector. Shopping, leisure, residential is becoming hot market places for investment. International bodies like International Monetary Fund have predicted that the West African region will receive good growth in the years to come. As West African countries like Benin, Togo is becoming a new hub for commercial activities, manufacturing hubs, export-import stations, countries, or offshore companies looking to invest and expand in these countries face challenges of setting up the business infrastructure. Businesses often fail to receive the right consultation for leasing, renting, or buying properties in West African countries, which is hindering many businesses in halting their business expansion decision into West Africa.

To cater to these genuine issues of real estate investment in foreign lands, Real Estate consulting agencies provide all types of answers to real estate investors. Real estate consulting agencies are providing the right investment advice in corresponding to their client's needs. These agencies are well-grounded in these countries; they provide comprehensive research data to their clients as per their business needs. They lend support in matters of renting, leasing, or buying properties in the West African region. Further, they also manage the fit-out Coordination needed to beautify the property as per the requirement.

AUM real estate consultancy provides the best real estate investment advice for investing in West African counties like Benin, Togo, etc. AUM Consultancy conducts in-depth research and provides data that helps their clients such as Real Estate Investors, Construction companies and builders, Hotel Operators, Banking Institutions, Landlords, and others in making the right real estate investment in West Africa. It provides qualified and real estate experts who can work along with our clients, explain to them the nitty-gritty of real estate issues, and help them make the best decision for their African real estate investment. AUM Consultancy also offers property management services for various types of businesses:

  • Retail

  • Office

  • Leisure

  • Residential

We as a real estate investment consulting agency based in West Africa thrive to make the best real estate bargain for clients in the acquisition of properties.

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