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Business Assistance in Benin, Togo and French West Africa.

Benin  & Togo has emerged as a major transit point for goods destined for West African countries. Re-export trade in Benin consists in importing goods from all across the world and then export them to neighboring countries especially Nigeria. Benin’s status as a distribution hub of the West African region goes back to the end of the 60’s  when goods imported from the global markets were transported to Nigeria via Benin

Aum Sarl has strong working relationships with regional government agencies and businesses through regular, face-to-face contacts that foster support and encourage participation to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the complex processes of setting up a local business.

We offer a unique and tailored service to international companies that are considering entering the Benin & Togo French Speaking West African markets. And can help decide on your best approach to the French Speaking West African Countries.

AUM Consultancy provides consultancy to a wide-range of industries and provide expert services in multiple verticals. We aspire and inspire to guide solutions that facilitate business, trade and investment for our partners. AUM consultancy is a TOP business Consultancy Firm in Benin Republic.

What makes your business the industry leader?
Innovation, leadership, collective efforts, or something else.

These factors beyond doubt are the core pillars; however, the most significant of all is Strategy. A well-grounded strategy, be it in the sphere of innovation, leadership, or collective efforts pulls the team through even the most difficult straits.

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