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Comprehensive pre-analysis of the business, industry, and market

  • 1 hour
  • 36,000 West African CFA francs
  • C/164, MISSITE

Service Description

A comprehensive pre-analysis of the business, industry, and market is a prerequisite before doling out huge investment; it helps in gauging the underlining possibilities, challenges in a new land. In the last few years, Africa has been the focal point of global investments. As per the IMF, Africa is poised to grow at a rapid growth in the years to come; considerable commercial investment is being made by countries like China, Japan, Korea, etc. Therefore, companies who want to invest in West African countries must understand the ground realities of the countries and the market dynamism to make a more robust investment decision. Comprehensive market research holds the key to a right understanding of a market and prepares the right platform for investment. International companies that are investing or planning to invest in the West African countries must utilize the agencies providing industry-specific market research analysis. These market research agencies settled in Africa assist their clients in: • Clearly defining the challenges and opportunities, • Design relevant methodology to satisfy the business objectives, • Conduct research at all levels, primary and secondary, Quantitative and Qualitative to bring out the best data analysis • Providing actionable insights These market research analysis companies based in West Africa countries magnify the market condition and present them to their clients to make the right investment decision. AUM market research consultancy with its’ detailed market research empowers its’ clients to take calculated risks and informed decisions. We provide deep insights into the market with qualitative and quantitative data analysis. AUM market research consultants work on a wide spectrum of variables as per the business needs, like brand awareness, concept testing, consumer behavior to extract the right data. We employ various online and offline mediums to generate data through a poll, social media, face-to-face interviewing, telephone calls, questionnaires, and other ways. We understand that managing international market research projects requires specialist skills; hence we provide capable skill force to uncover opportunities for your business. Our Market Research offers valuable insight that solves the business problems of our clients and understanding of African market dynamism.

Contact Details

  • Missite, Cotonou, Benin


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