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Procurement & Product Sourcing

  • 1 hour
  • 36,000 West African CFA francs
  • C/164, MISSITE

Service Description

The process of sourcing and procurement consumes a lot of time and budget; in today’s competitive globalized world intelligent sourcing and procurement is a difficult decision to make. To evaluate and decide on the right market to source the raw or semi-finished products takes a great deal of analysis. On top of it negotiating pricing and terms of sourcing and procurement, freight consolidation, customs clearance, efficiently managing the day-to-day supply is an uphill task. Hurdles in the supply chain can hugely increase your production cost. Using the expertise of global sourcing and procurement agencies can help your business in many ways, firstly they offer multiple options to choose from; this especially is beneficial for new setups, however, it is also advantageous for old firms as they get to expand the business and tap new markets. Secondly, sourcing and procurement agencies consistently study global market conditions and provide the best suggestions to their clients on deciding the right market. Thirdly, they negotiate the pricing terms and try to strike the best deal for their clients. Fourthly sourcing and procurement agencies also handle the supply chain to ensure the consignment reaches the client right on time. There are several benefits which a business can accrue if they hire sourcing and procuring agency. AUM consultancy assists you in sourcing and procuring the raw materials from the right market. We as a global sourcing and procuring agency provide quick and accurate analysis of the business situation, negotiate with global suppliers, and manage the supply chain. We also provide you with insights on where to manufacture so that that you can optimise the entire process. At AUM, we understand the need of businesses to manage the cost and provide solutions to add value to their supply chain.

Contact Details

  • Missite, Cotonou, Benin


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