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Setting the Brand Identity

  • 1 hour
  • 20,000 West African CFA francs
  • C/164, MISSITE

Service Description

Public relations has grown to be a key management function, however, many companies haven’t yet comprehended the actual role and significance of the Public Relations industry. Communication flowing out of a business house is crucial in setting the brand identity, many companies despite manufacturing or delivering best-in-class services fail to make an impact with their communication and the fate of the company dooms. These are situations when a wonderful product or service should be complemented with excellent professional communication to create a ripple in the market. Many local brands couldn’t match up to media presence due to their absence of coordination with media agencies. Public relations agencies bridge that gap between a business organisation and media houses. Be it writing or distributing press release services, planning, conducting, or promoting an event. PR agencies contribute significantly to the growth of an organization, it helps tremendously in building it as a global brand. They employ various media channels like Television, Radio, newspapers, magazines, Social Media Sites to increase the visibility of the brand. Continuous publicity helps a brand in establishing a sense of dependency and improves its image over time. At AUM consultancy, we provide all the necessary media solutions needed by our clients to launch or promote their product or events. We understand the evolving role of publicity and how to utilize them to generate profits for an organization. Brand publicity and visibility communicate a lot about a company, it leaves a deep impact on consumers and influences their decision to buy or not. We deliver all the media engagement services required in multiple languages through multiple channels. We offer: • Media Relationship Building • Social Networking • Event Planning • Building Brand Credibility • Reputational Management • Public Affairs Advice • PR for online presence • Crisis Management • Crisis Recovery • Award Entry & Nomination • Writing PR copies, newsletters • Corporate Communication and more… AUM consultancy provides a full media service solution cost-effectively for your company in West African countries. We efficiently fulfill the media needs of companies settled in the West African region.

Contact Details

  • Missite, Cotonou, Benin


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