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Sector Focus:Banking

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

As per an IMF report, Banks continue to dominate in the financial sector of Benin, accounting for over 90 percent of total assets. Total bank assets are estimated at CFAF 2,686 billion—approximately 62 percent of GDP at end-June 2015.

The data suggests that the sound banking system of Benin. In December 2016, Benin announced its economic transformation plan, including 45 flagship projects addressing the major components of the West African country's economy.

With the growing nature of Benin’s economy, the role of a banking institution is ever-increasing with the expansion of business opportunities. There is an n’ number of services that banking institution provides, however, due to their complex and time-taking nature of these activities many business organisations avoid exploring such banking services. These services are even less preferred by business organisations operating in foreign lands. Many business banking features remain unexplored due to gaps in communication or language barriers or inadequate understanding or of the services offered.

The issue of trust deficit also at times contributes to minimal or less use of foreign banking institutions. The scenario is also reverse at times when banking institutions do not offer particular services to business organisations of a different country. In both cases, huge unused resources are waiting to be utilised.

Specific Banking Consultants operates to bridge that gap between foreign investors and banks so that the needs of cash flow for both of them could be channelised in the right direction. These banking consultants perform several banking consultancy services like:

  • Personal Banking Services for an individual: Communicating and filling up the requirements for issuing a housing loan, or an auto loan. Providing other banking facilities like offering Debit and Credit Cards, Online Banking Services, Mobile Banking.

  • Business Banking: Banking consultancy agencies simplify and resolves all the underlining current between a business unit and a banking organisation. It provides the business enterprises all the necessary information that it needs and similarly helps the banking organisation in completing all the banking procedure in a hassle-free manner.

AUM Sarl Benin provides banking consultancy solutions in West African countries. AUM consultants offer expert banking solutions to individuals as well as businesses operating in Benin, Togo, Ghana, etc. Opening of bank accounts, providing housing loans, auto loans, business loans to individuals; offering debit or credit cards, and other affiliated services. We also understand the specific financial needs and communicate in a way to fulfill the requirement. We help understand the mortgage and lending criteria to individuals, businesses, and banks simultaneously.

We at AUM, open new doors of cash vaults for businesses by bridging the communication gap with various banking institutions so that loans for various purposes can be availed. We coordinate and collaborate with commercial, private, and retail banking institutions on one hand and with our clients on the other to strategise plans for addressing today’s financial challenges while laying out a clear plan for future course of action. We at AUM bridge the communication gap between banking customers and banking institutions

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