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Sector Focus: Healthcare

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Industry Scenario

Benin allocates only 4.6% of its GDP to the health sector expenditures. According to the National Health Accounts (prepared in 2006, with data of 2002 and 2003), total health expenditure reached 96 billion FCFA in 2003 which corresponded to a per capita expenditure of 13,742 FCFA, i.e. 4.6% GDP. As compared to its neighbouring countries, this rate is higher than Niger’s.

Healthcare Opportunities

In the light of the healthcare investment seen in Benin, there are underlining opportunities for private health sector companies to invest in these growing West African companies. Companies from Asia, Europe have been tapping the rich market for some time now. Moreover, the involvement of international organisations like WHO, United Nations Organisation opens more viable business opportunities in this region.

Health Assistance

AUM Consultancy coordinates and collaborates with primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare service providers to deliver at your doorsteps. We fix doctor’s appointments both online and offline to deliver medical facilities right on time. We arrange for all types of emergency medical deliverables for our clients.

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